Sonorous Desert Guitar Art & Design Competition: Overview

In November of 2020, ArtWins will kick off the first edition of a city-wide art exhibition and festival featuring thousands of artists showing at hundreds of venues across downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The public alongside a group of art experts will decide which of the artists will share the $500,000 in prizes, including two $200,000 grand prizes. 

The Arizona based 501(c)3 non-profit ArtWins organization is building a technology platform and competition structure that allows artists and venues to independently collaborate to create the exhibition. Any artist working in any medium can enter, and anyone with a space in Downtown Phoenix can participate and host artists from around the world. The technology will also support visitors through mobile applications that will facilitate visitors in exploring the exhibition and casting their votes for the artists that will win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. 

Earlier in 2020, ArtWins will test its platform with a smaller scale event focusing on a specific form of artwork. Sonorous Desert will be the first ever, open call art and design competition focused on one of the world’s most beloved instruments, the guitar. Guitar builders as well as artists using guitars in their work will display their masterpieces across downtown Phoenix, culminating in a concert featuring the winning instruments. 

An open call for guitar designers and builders as well as Artists using guitars in their work will bring a one-of-a-kind exhibition and competition to Phoenix.