Past Events

On April 4, 2019 ArtWins held an artist-focused event at Black, Starr & Frost, generously hosted by Alfredo J. Molina, Chairman and CEO of Molina Fine Jewelers.  5 local Arizona artists spoke, exhibited their art, and made presentations.  Each of them participated in ArtPrize 10 last Fall in Grand Rapids, MI. 

ArtWins hosted five local Arizona artists who pitched their concepts for an installation to compete at ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, MI.  Two local artists, Nathaniel Lewis and Saskia Jorda, won grants for their art to be installed at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, where they both competed for the grand prizes during ArtPrize 10.

ArtWins presented an information session for Phoenix-area arts and business leaders, with Kevin Buist, ArtPrize Exhibitions Director, and a screening of “More Art Upstairs” documentary about ArtPrize, with movie producer Jody Hassett Sanchez.