How ArtWins Works - Technology

The ArtWins Technology Generates Participants, Awareness and Engagement

Participants: The ArtWins organization facilitates a technology platform that allows artists and venues to independently organize their own exhibitions, installations and performances.  It works like a ride-share or dating mobile application. Venues create profiles and look for artists they’d like to host. Artists do the same, creating a profile that showcases their work so they can look for venues they’d like to show at.

Awareness: The technology platform and its seamless social media integration organically generates significant online impressions as the thousands of participants - artists and venues - create and share their stories. As organic awareness grows, the ArtWins story develops gravity that generates the clicks that traditional media outlets are compelled to cover. Combined with ArtWins’ growing impressions, media outlets are drawn to ArtWins dramatic story of spectacular cash prizes and the artists who hope to win them, causing ArtWins to trend well in advance of the event.

 Engagement: The ArtWins technology is also the key engagement tool for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who will be drawn to the event. The ArtWins mobile app will help visitors discover venues and artists, and vote for those they believe should win one of the biggest prizes in contemporary art. Along the way the social integration will let visitors tell the stories of their visit, the artwork that moved them, challenged them and inspired them.