ArtWins for the Children of AZ

With 1.1 million school-age kids in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area, ArtWins will be one epic field trip. If you’ve ever had the joy of visiting an art museum with a child, imagine when they visit an art city.

 Art Education: The simplicity and cost of a field trip to ArtWins is easy for teachers and administrators while the experience for students is a major victory for proponents of Art in STEAM education. Teachers will simply download the educators guide to ArtWins and load up the bus. Building on the independently organized philosophy of the event, the ArtWins educational programs will be created and promoted by the ArtWins organization, but facilitated by the experts. Schools across Arizona, from early education through college, will connect with downtown cultural institutions as well as other ArtWins venues to create an educational art experience like no other.

 Long-Term Impact: When an entire city celebrates and practices creative expression, civic collaboration and civil discourse, we show our children a picture of society that is far greater than the polarizing political fog that occupies so much of our lives. Art gives us opportunities to safely debate and consider new ideas and perspectives. It teaches us empathy for the expressions of others while prompting our own voice as we respond to artwork that inspires us, challenges us and moves us. The children of Arizona who grow up with an annual ArtWins event will have a different perspective of their capital city and the community building it.