How ArtWins Works - Organizational Programming

The ArtWins Organization Facilitates the Competition through Artist and Venue Relations, Exhibitions Support and Event Production.

 Artist and Venue Relations: Artists and Venues will need help understanding how it all works, and they will need to discover the ArtWins opportunity through trusted sources. The Artist and Venue Relations teams will generate awareness in the Phoenix business, art and cultural communities to clearly communicate the opportunity to be an ArtWins Venue while deeply engaging the regional and national artist networks to promote the prize and the event.

 Exhibition Support: ArtWins will draw first time artists and venues alike, and even though they may be new to contemporary art, ArtWins will support every artist and venue with official credentials, outdoor signage and gallery support materials to create a consistent visitor experience from venue to venue. 

 Event Production: As a high-stakes competition with thousands of participants, there are several major events and announcements that add a dramatic element to the competition. The opening of the public vote, the announcement of the finalists, and of course the announcement of the winners of $500,000 in prizes. Building on the awareness leading into ArtWins, many of these events will be broadcast live across the region.