Case Study

ArtPrize: Grand Rapids, Michigan

The ArtWins concept is based on the wildly successful ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now in its tenth year, ArtPrize has annually drawn more than half a million visitors to a town one quarter the size of Phoenix. Below are few of the statistics and figures that prove its success.

Case Study Testimonials

“Seeing is believing.  I’ve heard about ArtPrize over the years without ever imagining more than a city-wide art fair with hefty top prizes.  Only onsite, in person, did the scale and impact of the undertaking become clear.  It’s both massive and popular with a range of installations in more than 150 sites featuring over 1,250 artists.  On the Saturday after the final awards, visitors still thronged the sites, unfazed by autumn chill and drizzle.  This is an art happening on a scale other cities have yet to duplicate.  A version of ArtPrize concentrated in Central Phoenix is easily imagined from downtown Roosevelt Row to the Heard Museum, a walkable corridor that’s also served by light rail.  Seeing is believing – and imagining.”
- Willard White, Senior Consultant and Principal, Marts & Lundy

 “ArtPrize was truly amazing. It was inspirational to see the community of Grand Rapids rally around art in all its forms, creating an experience and the deep connection that we long for in modern American culture"
- Andrew Phelps, Partner, USER10

 "During my visit to Grand Rapids last September I witnessed the excitement and preparations for ArtPrize 10. My experience installing at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, making connections, and participating in the energy of ArtPrize allowed me to look at my own work through a different lens, encouraging me to advance the trajectory of my own work.

This is a highly anticipated yearly event that fills the city with fun, participatory art projects and experiences that engage visitors. Much of the art is thought-provoking and conceptual, aiming to spark a dialog with the community. Having an event like ArtPrize in Phoenix could bring a boost of energy to an already thriving art community, a community that could still use more exposure nationally and internationally. Financially supporting artists through the awards is another way to offer validation and to raise the expectations and quality of the work.

A Phoenix “ArtPrize” could engage a broader local community, offer artists’ exposure beyond the more traditional venues, and raise national awareness of the Phoenix art scene."

-Saskia Jorda, Artist