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After ArtPrize 10

By Dan Packard, Executive Director

October 17th, 2018

Last week, ArtPrize 10 concluded in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  During the last week of ArtPrize, I had the privilege to host a group of 7 business and community leaders from Phoenix who were visiting ArtPrize 10.  During the final week of ArtPrize, our group was overwhelmed with the great art that filled downtown Grand Rapids, we attended the “WTF” (Why These Finalists”) television broadcasts, and we went to the ArtPrize finals awards show.  We also had several meetings with ArtPrize leadership, as well as lengthy meetings with two former ArtPrize team members who are now part of our ArtWins team!

This year, six Phoenix-area artists exhibited at ArtPrize 10… and three of them became finalists!  Pitch night Phoenix’s winner, Nathaniel Lewis, was at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) with “Re:VOLVER”; pitch night finalist Saskia Jorda was also at the GRAM with “Cacerolazo”; Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars had a projection piece on the outside of the GRAM called “Animal Land: ArtPrize 10”; Diego Perez was at the Harris Building with “Little Global Village”; and Eddie Sparr was outside the Waters Building with “Raydeen.”  Saskia Jorda, Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars were all named public vote finalists.  Congratulations to them and to all of our Phoenix-area artists at ArtPrize 10 this year!  It was fantastic to see so many of our talented local artists participating and being recognized.

... Here’s what some of the visitors from Phoenix had to say about this year’s ArtPrize event:

“Seeing is believing.  I’ve heard about ArtPrize over the years without ever imagining more than a city-wide art fair with hefty top prizes.  Only onsite, in person, did the scale and impact of the undertaking become clear.  It’s both massive and popular with a range of installations in more than 150 sites featuring over 1,250 artists.  On the Saturday after the final awards, visitors still thronged the sites, unfazed by autumn chill and drizzle.  This is an art happening on a scale other cities have yet to duplicate.  A version of ArtPrize concentrated in Central Phoenix is easily imagined from downtown Roosevelt Row to the Heard Museum, a walkable corridor that’s also served by light rail.  Seeing is believing – and imagining.”  – Willard White

 “ArtPrize was truly amazing. It was inspirational to see the community of Grand Rapids rally around art in all its forms, creating an experience and the deep connection that we long for in modern American culture.” – Andrew Phelps

 “It was really great to see the work by our Arizona based artists; Diego, Kendra, Lauren, Nathaniel, Saskia and Eddie, at ArtPrize this year. I enjoyed seeing their work and their representation across the different mediums.  And what I especially love about ArtPrize is that art is the conversation.  It's amazing when artists speak through their work to create change and this year's ArtPrize 10 was no exception.  Standouts for me were Fountain Street Church and Site Lab's Public Space 415. Amazing venues and truly inspirational art.” – Mike Oleskow

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