We have a vision for downtown Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun!

Each November, in the city of Phoenix, Arizona a mass collaboration will take place involving hundreds of venues hosting thousands of artists, and drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. 

For 19 days each fall, the city of Phoenix will take the world stage as contemporary art of every medium fills our downtown. Every possible space - museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, theaters, hotels, public parks, lobbies, buildings, warehouses, bridges - will serve as venues.

 It all starts with a prize. $500,000 in total, half determined by a public vote and the other determined by a panel of art experts. One artist has the potential of winning $400,000, one of the world’s largest prizes for contemporary art.

 The technology used to facilitate the public vote also serves as an engagement tool for the hundreds of thousands of ArtWins visitors, providing maps, venue information, parking, public transit, dining, events, accommodations and social media connections that will enable an unprecedented urban experience for visitors to downtown Phoenix. 

 ArtWins is an invitation to all. An invitation to do something extraordinary. To collaborate on a mass-scale in celebration of creativity and community. 

 This is your opportunity to get involved from the very beginning, and be part of a small group of ArtWins Founders in creating a legacy event for our entire region.  Please contact me for information about how you can become a Founder and be a part of creating this extraordinary vision for downtown Phoenix.

Dan Packard
ArtWins Executive Director